Omni - ɑːmnɪ-/from Latin omnis ‘all.’

Omni Architects was founded in 1975, named to reflect the founding partners' vision of an inclusive culture: where all stakeholders are involved in the design process; where all staff members shape the firm culture; and where all who experience our buildings benefit from their design. Our collaborative design process has resulted in award-winning buildings that respond to our clients’ vision while improving outcomes for those who use them.

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Long-time Omni Senior Associate dies

LEXINGTON, KY - We are saddened to announce the passing of Donald L. Adams II, AIA.
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NKU to expand Herrmann Science Center

HIGHLAND HEIGHTS, KY - Omni Architects will design the expansion in association with Flad and HERA Lab planners.
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ECTC On-Site Training Center begins construction

GLENDALE, KY - The training facility that supports the new Ford/SK Battery Production Facility in Glendale, KY, will begin construction soon.
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