Omni - ɑːmnɪ-/from Latin omnis ‘all.’

Omni was founded in 1975, absent of monograms and named instead to reflect the founding partners' vision of an inclusive culture: where all stakeholders are involved in the design process; where all staff members shape the firm culture; and where all who experience our buildings benefit from their design. Since then, Omni Architects has been collaboratively designing buildings that respond to our clients’ needs and aspirations while enhancing the lives of the people who use them.

At Omni, we subscribe to "good design" - creating structures that are harmonious with their surroundings; that are kind to the environment; and that facilitate the mission of the users. Good design brings different results to each of the markets we serve. In higher education, it equates to better test scores; in healthcare, it supports improved medical outcomes; and in workforce training, it encourages more Kentuckians to learn the skills that make them valuable employees to our regional manufacturers. We have similar success stories in our research, workplace, and worship markets, too. Through our people-centric design philosophy, Omni Architects has garnered dozens of awards from AIA Kentucky – more than any other firm in the Commonwealth – and we were the first firm to be honored twice as AIA Kentucky’s Firm of the Year.

Through our collaborative and engaging design process, owners, users, and other stakeholders begin to understand what we mean when we say: GOOD DESIGN MATTERS.