Ruhl leads students in Moontower construction

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LEXINGTON, KY - September 9, 2017. Omni designer Erin Ruhl, along with fellow UK CoD School of Architecture professors Jordan Hines and Barry Richardson, led students in the design and construction of a "Moontower" structure, which was installed at the recently held Moontower Music Festival in Lexington, Kentucky.
The UK College of Design School of Architecture partnered with the recently held Moontower Music Festival to design and build an installation to be featured at the festival August 26 at Masterson Station Park. Led by professors Erin Ruhl, who is a designer at Omni Architects, Jordan Hines, and Barry Richardson, students participated in an eight week long Summer Fabrication Studio to take their design for a "moontower" from abstract ideas to a completed physical structure. With the constraint of using only 2x4s, the students came up with a strategy to offset the horizontal bracing members, making a playful field of structure from which a pink crescent moon appears and disappears again as you walk around it. Working back and forth between digital models, physical models and 1-to-1 mock ups, the students were able to analyze every aspect of the project from detailed connections to foundation systems. The tower acted as centralized meeting place and beautiful landmark at the festival. Congrats to the students!
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